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Our most veteran employee and the Willy’s right hand, Betty has worked at Mother Plucker for over 30 years as Lead Fabricator since meeting Willy in 1986! Betty originally met Willy when she and her identical twin came to work for him after answering an ad in a local Chinese newspaper here in L.A. Betty has always loved the intricacies of crafting and creating custom pieces, and Mother Plucker became a perfect fit for her incredibly unique skill set.

While Betty’s absolute favorite Mother Plucker item to create are our world-famous Angel Wings, she is the fabricator of all of our items. She is one of the world’s most renowned fabricators of feather fans, having
created fans for Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Ricky Martin, Gwen Stefani, Kary Perry, among dozens of others. She has created angel and butterfly wings for the Kardashians, an extremely unique wing for Billie Eillish’s “all the good girls go to hell” music video (in tandem with our designer Lelan), a replica of the “Maleficent” wing for Disney, angel wings for Ariana Grande and Lana Del Rey for the “Don’t Call Me Angel” music video, several custom headdresses and costume pieces for drag queens around Los Angeles, as well as the headdress for the USC Trojan’s first female drum major, and hundreds of other pieces in between!

Originally from Hong Kong, Betty moved to Los Angeles in 1985. In her spare time, Betty enjoys traveling and her love of the ocean has her spending time at the beaches here in Southern California. Family is incredibly important to her she loves to spend time with her son, as well with her Mother Plucker Family.

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