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Mother Plucker Feather Company

Over forty-five years servicing Hollywood

Mother Plucker is a feather paradise and hidden gem located just 2 miles west of Downtown LA. We are a manufacturing and wholesale company specializing in feather products. We sell raw feathers and finished products that we make with the feathers.

We can make just about anything that your mind can think up, and as our creator Willy Plucker often says: "Our limits are my imagination and your pocketbook."

This website is designed to be a showcase of our talent, showing you the many items we have created over the years. Additionally, our online store is our wholesale marketplace, and our Etsy Shop is our retail store. 


Willy Plucker created Mother Plucker more than 40 years ago, and the company has grown and changed many times over the decades.

In addition to providing merchandise to many stores throughout the United States, some of our recent and current clients include Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Gwen Stefani, Billie Eilish, Mariah Carey, and so many more.

The company is managed by Stephen Landreth, who has his own fashion background in
sewing and patternmaking.

The Design Production Manager, Lelan Berner, is an Emmy award winning costume designer with a strong background in costume, prop and accessory design and feather dyeing. She has worked on hundreds of tv commercials, movies and stage productions.
With her attention to detail and ability to easily tackle the most difficult of projects, Lelan easily interprets the client’s ideas from concept to completion.

Betty Lo leads the team of fabricators in creating the amazing custom pieces, such as her world famous fans and angel wings. The fabrication department is always busy, whether they are making beautiful feather accessories, exotic Ostrich fans, centerpieces
for event planners, Brazilian dance costumes or even upholstering the ceiling of an elegant ballroom for event planners.

The Mother Plucker Angel wings are the finest available anywhere and are lauded by the entertainment industry. Custom wings were used for Jim Carrey’s 2006 MTV Awards, fans and bustles were created for the opening number for the 2010 Oscar, several fans,
boas and costume pieces have been created for Jennifer Lopez and other big-name celebrities.

After taking a look at our products, you will understand why this is the place everyone from the who’s who in Hollywood, to the little ladies with their red & purple hats come for their treasure. 


Mother Plucker’s fabrication department is able to tackle the most diverse, detailed and difficult projects. Click through our staff’s bios to learn a little more about each of us!

Meet the Team

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