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  • Do you sell Angel Wings?
    Yes, we sell Angel Wings and we are known worldwide for our high quality and standards in fabricating wings. Please take a look through our portfolio and our social media to see some of the wings we have made for other customers. We would love to make a special pair just for you.
  • Do you make custom items?
    Yes, we specialize in custom work. We spend a good portion of our energy making custom items for our customers. If you are interested in a customized item, please visit our the Custom section of our website for more details.
  • Where do your feather come from?
    Our feathers come from all over the world. The most common countries from which our feathers come are The Unites States, China, and South Africa.
  • Are the birds harmed to get the feathers?
    We do not believe in the harming of animals. All of our feather are ethically sourced. Most of the birds are already being harvested for food consumption, and the feathers are the remaining commodity that we can use without being wasteful. Other feathers come from birds whose feathers are moulting seasonally. All of our feathers are obtained in compliance with strict guidelines set forth by the Fish and Wildlife Service, and then properly processed and treated in accordance with guidelines set forth by the USDA.
  • Do you dye all the feathers here?
    Actually no. Most of the feathers are dyed at the farms and factories in other countries before being exported to the United States. However, we do keep a good inventory of white feathers on hand, and we do custom dye work in small quantities. If you are looking for special dyeing, please visit the dyeing section of our Custom page.
  • Why can't I see the prices on your website?
    In order to see pricing, you must apply for an online account with our website, and then log in once you are approved. We are wholesale only, and at this time our web store is only open to wholesale customers. However, you can all of our feathers available for immediate purchase in our Etsy store.
  • Can I get a discount if I buy more volume?
    Since we are wholesale, we are one price only. Since we are not a retail store, we keep our items priced as low as possible, and we don't change our price based on volume.
  • How quickly can you ship my order?
    Our standard time for processing orders made through our website is 3 to 5 days. If all of the items you ordered are in stock, we will ship your order as soon as possible, usually within 1 to 3 business days. Items purchased through our Etsy store usually ship within 1 to 2 business days. If you have ordered items that requires more processing time because it needs to be fabricated or retrieved from one of our warehouses, will notify you by telephone or email if we are unable to ship you item within 5 business days.
  • What if the item I ordered is our of stock or unavailable?
    If the item you ordered is our of stock or unavailable, we will contact you by phone or email and see if we can offer you a replacement item of similar quality and value. If we are unable to meet your needs, we can refund you money right away.
  • How quickly can you make my items?
    Many of the items we carry are already in stock. However, we cannot possible maintain a constant inventory of all the different possible variations of our items because there are so many different colors and feather types to choose from. If we need to make your item we will notify you by phone or email if it is going to take longer than 5 business days. If you need something sooner, we can offer you something very similar that is currently in stock.
  • What colors are available?
    Please check the item listing page for the colors that are currently available for each item. If you don't see the color you are looking for, please call us. It's quite possible that we have your item, but it's just not listed in our online store.
  • Do you have a showroom I can visit in person?
    Yes, We are located just one mile west of Downtown LA, and we have a showroom that you can visit in person and hand pick your feathers. Please visit the contact page of our website for up to date information about store hours and visiting policies.
  • Are you open to the public?
    Yes, although we are a wholesale and manufacturing company, we have opened our doors to the general public.
  • What is the minimum purchase?
    The minimum purchase in-person at our Los Angeles showroom is only one feather.  There is no minimum purchase in our Etsy Store  The minimum purchase on our website is $100 before any applicable tax or shipping charge
  • Do you ship International?
    Yes, we do ship International. There are many rules which govern the exporting of feathers to other countries. Please visit our International Shipping information page for full details about placing an order for export to your country.
  • Can I return my item?
    We can only accept the return of incorrect or damaged, and unused items within 5 days of purchase. We cannot accept a return of any item you have already used. Your return must be approved in advanced, and a restocking fee may apply. Please see our returns page for more details.
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