This is more affordable version of our superior quality hand madefeather dancer fan.

It is made with ostrich spads rather than ostrich wings.


This is a stay-open fan with a handle, made on a sturdy firm base.

If properly handled and stored, this fan can be used in rigorous performances for many years.  The base is trimmed with highest quality marabou and goose feathers.


Our fans are used by A-List professional performers all over the world, and are known to be the strongest and best quality available.



  • Aproximate dimensions 45" wide X 28" tall
  • Built in handle
  • Elastic wrist Strap




  • White is always in stock
  • Colors require additional 7 to 14 days for production


If you don't see the option you are interested in, call us.  We can make anything.

Ostrich Spad Dance Fan - Stay Open



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