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Nicole Kidman "The Prom" Headdress (Movie)

BeBe Rexa (video) photos
Billie Eilish ( video) photos
Grace & Frankie (TV)
Lana Del Rey (Charlies Angels Video)
Ariana Grande (Charlies Angels Video)
Americas Got Talent Allstars (TV)
Ryan Murphy ( Nicole Kidman The Prom)
Kylie Jenner (Halloween costume)
Kim Kardashian (Wings)
Versace (custom feathering)

Mac cosmetics & Tribal Scenery (Custom Maleficent wings)

Miley Cyrus (Bangerz Tour)

Queen Latifah Show (custom wings Daytime TV)

Jennifer Lopez (world Tour)
Jennifer Lopez Vegas Residency
Rupaul's Drag Race (TV Multiple Seasons)

Screem Queens TV
Dancing With Stars
Last Man On Earth … TV
American Idol … TV
Another Period … TV
Kristen Bell …Emmy Magazine Cover
Hair Spray (Live TV Musical)
Patty Labelle (Stage)
Scorpion (TV)
T Mobile ( commercial)
The Finder (TV)
Verizon ( commercial)
Go Daddy Super Bowl (Danica)
The Mentalist (TV)
Dexter (TV)
Glee (TV)

Jack in the box ( Spicy Chicken)
Katie Perry (World Tour)
2010 Oscars (TV) opening number
Dancing With The Stars (TV)
Specialized Bicycle Tour De France Angel

Cirque Du Soleil
American Idol (TV)
Bette Midler

Disneyland Resort Anahein (Tiki Room)
Disneyland Resort Anahein (Main Street Performers)
Disney Imagineering Burbank (Development)

Usher (stage)
Britney spears (Las Vegas)
Pirates Of The Caribbean (movies)
Juicy Couture ( window display)

Pussycat Dolls

The Departed (movie) Martin Scorsese
Revelry( event Planners)
Sex Lives and Secrets (TV)
Bewitched (Movie)
Cinderella Story ( Movie)
Practical Magic (Movie)
Ellen DeGeneres (TV)
Americas Funniest home Videos (TV)
That's So Raven (TV)
The Rodney Show (TV)
Tyra Banks Show (TV)
Carnival Cruise ship lines
Princess Cruises
Star Trek Batazoid Flowers
Steiff Teddy Bears
Japan Italia
Angel London

Jenny Mc Carthy Playmate of the year / Playboy magazine

Howie Mandel (TV)
Flamingo Hotel (Las Vegas)
MGM Mirage (Las Vegas)

Disneyworld Resort (Orlando)
Wicked (Broadway Musical)
Americas Got Talent (TV)
Fame (Movie)
People magazine ( cover)
Burlesque (Movie)
Sue Wong Runway
In At The Seventh Bay Monterey
Harley Davidson
Christina Aguilera (tour &Videos)
Spider Man 1&3 (movies)
Saturday Night Live (TV)
Playboy (commercial)
Diet Pepsi (commercial)
Budweiser (commercial)


How I Met Your Mother (TV)

House (TV)
Latin Grammy’s
Dream girls ( movie )
The Departed (Warner Bros)
Designs on a dime
Jim Carrey 2006 MTV Awards
The Miracle

Playhouses in Branson Missouri

Michael Jackson Remember the time video & others

Captain Hook (the movie)
Sports Illustrated (Print)
Seventh Heaven
Red Shoe Diaries episode /Tears

Scrubs (TV)
Mr. T’s earrings
High School Musical 1,2&3
Saturday Night Live (TV)

Poko Events ( Gene Autry Museum)
Donny and Marie Show

Rihanna Fenty (Fashion Rocks 2008)

Harpers Bazaar ( Eva Langoria) International Cover 2009
Sacha Cohen ( Custom wings and head piece)
Bruno 2009 MTV Music awards (TV)

Virgin Mobile
Cold Case (TV)
Bright Young Things (movie)
The Jackson VP (TV)
Alexander dolls
Poseidon Adventures (Movies)
House of Blues
Jim Henson

Big Momma House 2 ( movie)
Jay Lenno (TV)
Design on a dime
Fame ( movie)
Jimmy Kimmel (TV)
Conan (TV)
The Talk (TV)
Macy Gray (singer)
Trophy Wife (TV)
So You Think You Can Dance (TV)
America’s Got Talent (TV)
Beyonce (Stage)
Fiat (Lancia) commercial
Face Off (TV)
Seth Meyers (TV)
Smirnoff Vodka ( Gay Pride)
Pure Country (movie)
Vanderpunk rules (TV)
The Bold and the Beautiful (TV)
Annie Lenox (TV)

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